Where Should We Wander?

Welcome to another day!

We over here are so “over” this crazy dreary weather. I need sun. I need my backyard to stop being a mud puddle. I need to stop bathing my kids multiple times a day so that my floor is not covered in mud and grass. This feels very not me. I usually do not care about this kind of thing – the rain is turning me into a cleaning mom! Someone save me!

I needed to go somewhere else and do something, get out some pent up energy. So I headed to the gym!


Here’s my warm up walk just so you know I actually made it to the gym and am not all talk. You’re welcome. I joined a gym because I keep needing to exercise late at night and didn’t feel comfortable being outside alone that late. Yay, womanhood! Also, I joined a gym because Houston is so flaaaaat. A girl needs a treadmill to get hills here. There’s also a crazy stair climber thing, but I’ll be honest that I have not been brave enough to try it yet. I’m afraid I’ll look stupid. Judge me. I’m okay with myself.


This is my post workout face. My baby hairs are on point. Between the gym, my baby hair powers, and my stair climber at home (it’s a feet only thing made by Gold’s Gym), I will be ready for all of our backpacking adventures.

We are also in the midst of planning our next camp out! Spring break here we come! We are between two options right now. If we get to go with my BIL and SIL, we may go to Palo Duro Canyon.


Images Courtesy of the Texas Parks & Wildlife

This beautiful place has incredible views, hike-in campsites, and an epic hike to “the lighthouse”. I. want. this. hike. in. my. life. For real, y’all. Did I say that this canyon is one of the most beautiful things? It’s the Grand Canyon for Texas, because Texas will not be outdone. But we may be bringing three kiddos along with us and the hike might prove a bit strenuous for them. If we go sans BIL/SIL, we are going to go a bit more kid-friendly…


Images Courtesy of Houston Culture Map

Can I just say that this park has the coolest looking cabins? It is actually the only City of Houston park that allows overnight guests! The Houstonia informed me that, “…these aren’t just any cabins; designed by local architectural firm MC2, these modern marvels come with all the creature comforts of home, from screened-in front porches with rocking chairs for enjoying a quiet evening outside to microwaves, refrigerators and air conditioning inside.”


Images Courtesy of MC2 Architects

And these are not even how all the cabins look. We would be using a walk-in campsite, but I still thought these looked too incredible to ignore. This campsite has kayaking and 20 miles of bike/hike trails as well as a playground for the smaller people in your group. The ones that wouldn’t be excited at all about hiking twenty miles. Amiright?

What are you planning for spring break?

See you Outside!

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