A Dreary Day in Houston

Some days it is hard to get outside. This time it was not because of rain or sleet or snow, it was just so dreary. The clouds have taken over the sky for too many days in a row and it is getting me down. We did spend some time playing in the backyard today – I need to blog to y’all about our backyard that we are slowly turning into a playground – but it is just not the same without a little sun sometimes.


We got outside a bit to do some pouring fun and learning about how colors mix together to make other colors. I have learned some things from the Montessori method and my kids are loving it. I had to find a way to make outside a bit more exciting this day.

But what do you do when you are down and the sky is drowsy? What do you do when it feels like getting outside is a chore?


I bought this book at Anthropologie recently and am enjoying a good flip through the pages, dreaming.


The pictures are insanely beautiful, but it incites an excitement in me. This book is structured by latitude and longitude lines, northern and southern hemispheres. It is such a fun mixture of outdoors excitement and a little bit of indoor excitement.


From trekking the West Highland Way to playing table tennis in Beijing, this book will hit your adventure bug. In fact, it’s left me thirsty for travel. We are using it to help us decide where we want to go on our backpacking trip in two years. Any suggestions?

I have a deep longing to go to Glacier National Park, but I have a gimpy stomach. I mean it is crazy gimpy. I get altitude sickness anywhere over 6400 sq. ft. which is just a tiny piece of the stomach craziness that is my life. I can take altitude medicine, but let’s be honest that it does not fix everything and still puts me a bit too weak for backpacking, climbing, or even serious hiking. I would have to go in advance, stay for a good many days to get my body acclimated to the altitude, and then get to hiking.

While being in an exciting place for a long time sounds fun to me, its a bit harder on the budget and the husband does not have unlimited days off. So what should we do? Where should we go?


John Muir knew my heart when he said that the mountains were calling, but unfortunately my stomach does not agree. My stomach says that the flat lands are calling, ha! I cannot tell you how many trips to the mountains I managed to interrupt, over and over and over, before we figured out the issue. I have…lost my snacks… over the continental divide more times than I care to mention.

But it will not keep me from dreaming.


One of my favorite adventures to dream about come from Banos, Ecuador. I have to be honest that my understanding of Spanish makes this city feel like it is maybe a poor idea considering my stomach. But, look at this picture!

819. Swing  over the edge of the world.

This is a tree house where you can swing out over some insane heights and get a glimpse of the Tungurahua volcano. It looks like it would be quite the daring thing to do, but I am willing and ready! Who wants to send me to Ecuador? To a volcano! And a tree house! This sounds like the most amazing thing of beauty. I hope, if I get to go here some day, that there isn’t a line or anything because I want to take a long, serene swing.

When I was little, swinging always brought me comfort and peace. It helped me to slow down and organize my thoughts. I bet this swing would do the same thing. Looking out onto that incredible view, looking down at the depths below, I bet you could find some inner silence. I bet you could find peace in Creation.


Where are you dreaming to go? Let’s dream together.

See you Outside!

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