How to Succeed in Camping Without Really Trying

We went backyard camping this weekend and… good news!… we survived. We even all got some sleep!


The husband got home Friday around 5:30pm and I headed off to the store because, SURPRISE!, we had no food. Well, at least no food we could easily cook outside. Plus, we did not have s’more stuff. How can one even survive a camp out without s’mores? Riots, led by me, would ensue. Plus, we are a one car family right now (although the husb is literally at a car place AS I TYPE to hopefully purchase a tiny tin can, I mean…a Honda Fit) so I couldn’t go before he got home.

I asked/told him to set up the first tent while I was out so we would not run too late, but the poor man got distracted playing with his kids. Who does that?! Just kidding. He’s great and the kids were loving playing on the crash pad with him.

So I went to the grocery store which put us setting up camp and starting the fire around 6:15 or so. I let the oldest help set up the tent and she was beside herself kind of happy. You probably don’t know her, but she has this incredible vocabulary so she told me that setting up the tent was “delightful”. Yep. That’s my awesome kid, folks. She is, for real, the coolest 5 year old ever.

IMG_20180127_180932 - Copy

In the midst of my love of setting up a tent with my oldest and watching her traipse around the wet yard, proudly sporting her headlamp and asking where the stakes go, guess who forgot to make dinner? My husband. Just kidding, it was me.

So I check the fire, it’s passed 6:30pm now (which is typically the latest they will wait to eat), and start to get our foil packets together. Chicken. Asparagus. Barbecue sauce. Deliciousness awaited us!


The kids could not make it and the meltdown process began. The youngest especially was going downhill fast. So, last minute change in line up, the kids had fancy lunchables for dinner. Yep. I had grabbed some at the store for someone else and then not been able to deliver them to the person so I had random lunchables in my fridge. Divine intervention. So they sat in their camp chairs and ate lunchables while I made foil packet food for the husband and I. In the end, the kids thought they had the better dinner which was hilarious because the foil packets were deliciousness to the extreme, but the middle insisted that his Triscuits, ham, and cheese were much better. We’ll never know. It’s a stalemate.

IMG_20180127_184423 - CopyIMG_20180127_185655 - CopyIMG_20180127_192908

Don’t judge my mushy asparagus – that’s how I like to eat. You roasters (people who roast asparagus) don’t know what your missing.

So after eating, we realized that we had not staked down the first tent because of meltdown city but we also could not find the stakes for the big tent. So we improvised…

IMG_20180127_185605 - CopyIMG_20180127_185350IMG_20180127_185400 - Copy

The husband managed to give himself a lovely souvenir from splitting the wood on his knuckle, but it’ll heal. He said he saw his gloves and was all…”nah”. He changed his mind shortly afterward.

Then we did the most beautiful thing. We put up our new tent.


So you may not know, but the husb and I are already planning our 10 year anniversary. It’s two years away, but we have big plans! We are going to go primitive backpacking for a week and it is going to be heaven. We are slowly accruing our gear and going on practice runs until the big one and this beauty is going to be our tent.

Don’t worry, it had all the stakes.


Isn’t it beautiful? Answer. Yes.

We put all of our things in it and then, you know what time it was…

IMG_20180127_193019 - CopyIMG_20180127_193928

Oh no! My s’more picture is a bit blurry! Well, I’m saving up for a real camera, but you’ll have to hang with me and my cell phone photography (I did take a short cell phone photography course) in the meantime.

Guys, I bought dark chocolate bars, but I also bought Krackle bars. Is anyone else as obsessed with those as I am? I can only ever find them in the miniature bags or when children sell candy bars for school. I love them. It’s just so good. It’s better than a Crunch bar. There I said it! I’m not ashamed!

So I had a Krackle bar. And it was delicious. So so good. I mean, I also had a dark chocolate one…purely scientific, you know. I needed to compare. Professor Slughorn would have been proud.

But you see, we broke one of our own rules.

Gasp! We are like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception where every rule he makes, he breaks. Except, this is not our norm. Hopefully.

So the kids were all done and playing around with their giant shadows (doesn’t the middle one kind of look like Darth Vader in his shadow?)…


But we still hadn’t had dinner or s’mores! So…we put the kids to bed in the tents. Without us. And in true kiddo fashion, they did not sleep. The audacity! They were so them about it too which was really funny. The oldest stayed quietly in the tent until I could join, the middle kept getting up and down asking for snacks or water or something, and the youngest was laughing hysterically because it is just all too magical.

So we ate, we had our delicious delectable s’mores, and got in our tent.

We got everyone re-settled, we turned on the sound machine, and went to bed. It took a little bit to convince the boys that it was really time, but, special magic, they all went to bed! It was insane and wonderful! No one is more surprised than us!

In fact, all three kids slept all night. (Granted, the husb and I still got very little sleep because the rain kept stopping and starting and the wind kept knocking things onto the tent loudly, but still a win)

We might just be winning an award for this. I’m just saying.

The youngest did wake up with the dawn and want immediately to get out of the tent and be fed, but we consider this adventure a success!

Next step, a nearby, kid-friendly campground. Do you think we should try out Lake Livingston (again) or head to the Sam Houston National Forest? Let me know in the comments!

See you Outside!


2 thoughts on “How to Succeed in Camping Without Really Trying”

  1. Sounds like another great adventure! With where you guys are, you could go to SFA State Park, just a little ways west of Katy, or to Brazos Bend. They might be closer than Sam Houston or Livingston.
    There’s also Lake Houston Park. It’s a really nice place, it used to be a state park. It’s not on the lake at all, just a creek that feeds into it, but it’s got some nice trails and stuff.


  2. Correction, it is now called Lake Houston Wilderness Park, and it’s a city of Houston place. Still looks nice, though it’s been a decade since I was there last. Same about with SFA


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